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Previous Events in Ballina Lennox Head

25th May, 2017

Krista Huritz – Cost Effective Marketing Tips
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27th April, 2017

Mia Oesterberg from Castle Design talks about Why your small business needs a website &
10 Steps from Go to Woe
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23rd March 2017

Trudy Johnston – The 4 KEY Steps to Planning a Successful PR and Marketing Campaign
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10th. November 2016

Laura Choong – Social Media Success
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13th October 2016

Michael Murray – An overview of the local market, it’s trends, pitfalls and opportunities in local Real Estate
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15th September 2016

Elle Lynn – Helping business owners find the values that fuel their brand
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10th August 2016

Lisa Fitzpatrick – Creating a Sustainable Business and Overcoming Overwhelm in Busy Times
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14th July 2016

Eddie Brook – Get inspired with the story of one of Byron Bays most successful family business
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