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Change is afoot!

how change benefits business

This information has been provided by Erik Bigalk

Erik BigalkThank you again everyone for this morning’s lovely networking session and for allowing the space for me to present on some of the topics and areas I work with entrepreneurs and business people in Australia and Internationally with.

The fast pace of change, as illustrated in this video which I had intended of sharing today, is something we all have to deal with and manage in our businesses and our lives. I trust that the things I had covered today offer thought, reflection and perhaps wonder in some of you and as such, I want to reiterate my availability to assist you with this very process of adapting to change or perhaps even leading it in your industry or sector.

To further explain, my Momentum Sessions, of which Brett’s started immediately after the breakfast and I am sure he would be willing to share the benefits he could get from it right away, are aimed at looking at the following key aspects.

Momentum Session
– This moment – where are you now, how far have you come, what are you doing so far, both in your business and your life to achieve your goal(s)

Realising the opportunity we have right now and here to influence where we will stand tomorrow and in understanding that from when we started our business to now there have been many changes and more to come, even the faster, requiring us to adapt and change in order to remain successful in business tomorrow as well.

By success, I am talking about fulfillment, personal reward and that we get something other than income from our activities in our business. And sustainability, means looking after the well from which the business has sprung too, so square one is as important as marketing, accounts, products/service and so on…

My Momentum Sessions are designed to do this, look holistically at the business as well as you the creator or force behind the business. After all – what are we doing it all for?

There are simply too many facets to look at then there was time this morning or is here in my brief follow up. Hence, if you wish to learn more about these sessions or wish to book one, I am more than happy to answer any questions and to extend a 10% discount to all members and guests of the Byron Bay Networking Group.

P.S. As an offer for voluntary home work for you, that builds upon the theory that it’s the ‘little things that get you’, please watch this 1 minute clip and count the amount of times the team in white shirts passes the ball. You’ll see…

Feel free to post or email your count and comments.

Now to the things I touched on this morning…

Marketing Yourself

Branding & Positioning

Online Presence & Social Media

Traditional Media & PR

Business Development & Expansion

Making your business sustainable (looking after yourself)

Increasing your bottom line(s)

Easing Your Work




Being location independent

Passive Income

ATM Machine Portfolio – www.matttowner.com
from $14 000 – $28 500 per machine (less for amounts of 10 or more)
assured return of 20% – 25% p.a. as a minimum over a 8 – 10 year contract period
Passive assured income, turn-key hands-off investment that makes sense…

Shipping Containers – www.matttowner.com
starting from just $4000 per container
assured return of 12% p.a. fully managed, plus guaranteed buy-back option

Cash Flow Positive Property – www.cashflowcapital.com.au


Living the Dream & Residual Income

The World’s Largest Travel Club – www.save-on-travel.com
(only launched in Australia 4 months ago)
offering members the lowest air fares guaranteed, amazing dream trips the world over, voluntourism trips that make a difference and a personal booking site where members can book ‘commission-free’ hotel rooms, flights, rental cars, cruises etc…
And, keen traveller’s and entrepreneurial minded members can even earn extra income or residual income by helping to grow the membership base here in Australia and beyond.
Feel free to contact me for more details on this…

Erik Bigalk – 0431 848 763 or 02 8005 7732

3 Tips for Business & Life

  • Spend 70% of your time & energy you put into your business (in life) on income/outcome producing activities and 30% on backend, admin and organizational tasks
  • Be pro-active (it earned people this morning a couple of books and a free session worth $495), I rather regret things I did, then regret things I didn’t
  • Look after yourself at least as good as you do your best customer, preferably better. Without you there is no business.


Questions that make part of my Momentum Sessions, and will add to the research I am doing for my business writing. Feel free to simply ponder them for your own reflection or send them back to me for discrete use for my writing or as part of an up-coming momentum session with me. Thank you.

What difference does your business make for people and in the world?

What is the thing that most holds you back?

Where do you see your business being in 12months, 3 years or 5 years?

What are your goals? Life goals that is…

What would you do different if you could turn back time?

Is what you are doing now what you had envisioned yourself doing years ago?

What did you train as or career in before you did what you are doing now?

Please enter. Business Name & Nature:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________

Name:_________________________________ How long in Business: _______________

Email:__________________________________ Website:___________________________

Mobile:_________________________________ Phone:_____________________________

Momentum Session are $495 and spread out over three sessions, 1) an initial assessment and snap-shot session, 2) a free-flow feedback and strategy session and 3) an integration and follow-up session. For those that wish to maintain an ongoing support and mentoring relationship, different options are available.


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