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workshops with Byron Bay and Beyond Networking Business Networking


Our Hinterland workshops are a beautiful experience of learning, making new contacts while relaxing with other like minded local business men and women and enjoying a lunch of fresh local produce.

Our presenters, always with a great variety of interesting and very informative topics for you, are handpicked with great consideration – as are our locations. This is a perfect opportunity to promote your business and also an exceptional and fun day out.

Accommodation on site is available if you feel like total indulgence and relaxation. Think Massage and walks within the glorious property, sitting in an idyllic spot with a book or simply complete quiet and stillness.

Lunch and Coffee Meet-Ups with Byron and Beyond  Networking

Lunches and Coffee Meet-ups

We are thoroughly enjoying these two events and they are proving to be very popular. No formalities, just fun and a lovely way to relax and promote your business while enjoying delicious local produce. Each of these events is capped to just 10.

Come along to relax, promote your business and meet and mingle with other local business people.

Are you looking to grow your existing business or are you just starting out with a business idea?

By expanding your contacts you open doors to many new opportunities and ideas for your business and your life.

Networking is a valuable way to:
• share and expand your knowledge
• learn from the success of others
• gain new clients
• tell others about your business and build your business reputation.

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