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28th November 2013


Live Your Dreams – Especially in Bella Italia!

Presented by: Julia Kalytis

Julia Kalytis is the creator of Live Your Dreams small group tours to Italy.

We all have ways of thinking and seeing the world that we think of as “the way the world is”.

But a combination of habit and not knowing how to think differently keeps us repeating a set of limited responses and possibilities.

How do we free ourselves up?
How do we really ‘live our dreams?’
How do we identify the ways in which we limit ourselves?

Travel is definitely one way, because what we are moving through is constantly new.

And that is part of the answer…

Julia discusses the transforming power of travel and its ability to bring about real and permanent changes in our lives.

Date: Thursday 28th November 2013
Time: 7.45am to 9.00am

Venue: Bangalow – Town Cafe and Restaurant
Address: 33 Byron Street, Bangalow

Byron and Beyond Members: $30 / Non-members: $35

Menu Choices
#1 Porridge with apricots, cranberry, quinoa & barley.
#2 Poached eggs on toast with smoked salmon and roasted tomato.
#3 Green eggs scrambled with pesto, bacon, roasted tomato and sourdough toast.
#4 Sautéed mushrooms with garlic, parsley & spinach on sourdough toast.

The breakfast includes ONE standard beverage.
Please order beverages on arrival at the venue.


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