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Rebecca Asquith Emanation Media

Rebecca Asquith Emanation MediaB&BN has founded a truly supportive business network and this can only be attributed to the standards and decency that forms Rosemarie and Arnold’s values as business people themselves.
The enrichment this brings the network is beyond even what in temporal terms can result in incredible business opportunities.
At B&BN people get to come together in a way that is rare in business or anywhere. No competition, no division due to opposing ideologies or politics. And the benefit of such connections is not just ‘warm and fuzzy’ either. Far from it, as a result of talking at one of your events, and through invitations to speak at subsequent events that happened as a result, I have made over $50,000 worth of sales (and that is a conservative estimate).
Interestingly none of these sales were as a result of a ‘hard sell’ of my services but by simply showing up and developing business relationships in the same manner that B&BN exemplifies.
~ Rebecca Asquith – Emanation Media
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