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Rosemary Powes-Kerr

Thank you for organising breakfast at Town Cafe Bangalow.  I had a wonderful morning. Loved meeting so many new and interesting people. In fact, I had never seen any of them in my life before.

You organised the event to perfection – loved the time limits and bell, giving everyone an equal chance to communicate with the whole group. I liked your place card arrangement and enjoyed the company of the members sitting nearby to me.

You accomplished an amazing amount of activities in one hour with poise and finesse. The guest speaker was great – such a warm and confident young woman.  I learnt so much and was able to pass on useful information to Bruce. The meal was generous and very tasty. Enjoyed the opportunity to dine upstairs.

Thank you both for sharing your skills and experience with us. Looking forward to the next breakfast.

Best Wishes,
Hammer and Hand

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