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14th. September, 2017

Full Day Course for Healing Naturally and Natural Public Speaking

About Sally Pattison

Sally is the founder of ‘Healing Naturally’ in Bangalow. She uses natural therapies to work on many health conditions with a holistic approach identifying root causes and treating the WHOLE person.

Workshop Summary

Stress – is it your friend or your foe?
What determines your health? What undermines it? How does stress really effect your body? How can you put the odds in your favour?
Stress can be used to your advantage – if you understand it and know how to moderate it. Single-tasking is the new multi-tasking – learn some tips on how to manage stress, reach your peak and gain true wellness. www.sallypattison.com.au

About Geraldine Barkworth – Goddess of Public Speaking

Geraldine works with the psychology, physiology and sheer bloody mystery of powerful public speaking. She is the director and voice of


Workshop Summary

The Sexy Communicator: Grab Attention When You Speak… For All The Right Reasons!
How many times have you suffered through a boring presentation and thought, “My cat could do better than that!” Or even worse, you’ve seen boredom on the face of YOUR listeners! Well, never again once you learn how to expand your delivery style, build a relationship with listeners and inspire them to get out of their chair and get moving. Even if it’s just to buy your second-hand cat!

NB. Can’t make it to both morning and afternoon sessions – no problem – you can book for either one. Just choose your ticket preference when registering.

Limited luxury accommodation is also available on site for those travelling a distance to attend. Click on this link to view Jemimas

Places are limited and book out quickly

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Date: Thursday 14th. September, 2017
Time: 9.45 am 3.30 pm

Venue: Jemima’s, 13 Jorgensens Lane, Brooklet, NSW

Full Day – Byron and Beyond Members $150.00        Others $170

Morning or Afternoon sessions only (including lunch) $90.00 for all

Networking for Northern Rivers Business Owners



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