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Thursday, 16th April 2020

Trudy Johnston – Chief Bright Spark – Vim + Zest

Trudy Johnston is the leader’s leader. A storyteller. An attuned Personal Branding expert. She has an uncanny ability to meet someone, immediately identify their WOW factor, then communicate their story across all channels authentically and with irrefutable impact.

Her drive to support Change-Makers and Leaders is fuelled by 25 years of experience in PR, personal branding and marketing. She has lectured at both the University of NSW (Masters’ level) and Swinburne University. Before that, she won a University Honours Scholarship.

Her professional history includes managing Sydney2000 Olympics media activity, turning debut authors into front-page news, re-launching the careers of award-winning musicians, such as Toni Childs and placing the spotlight on the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Sydney Symphony, and Museum of Contemporary Art.

A clear, authentic Personal Brand is what builds your reputation and amplifies public perception.

When your reputation proceeds you, because you have a compelling Personal Brand, you develop better networks that open and create your success pathways, including new business partnerships and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Join Trudy Johnston, Chief Bright Spark at Vim + Zest, as she takes you through the foundations of consumer and Personal Branding to establish and maintain trust with audiences and build long-term organizational success.


Date: Thursday, 16th. April 2020
Time: 7.45am to 9.00am

Venue: Town Cafe and Restaurant, 33 Byron Street, Bangalow

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